Issue with vSphere vCLS VMs

Issue with vSphere vCLS VMs

This short post is about an issue in VMware vCenter that causes vSphere Cluster Services (vCLS) VMs fail to deploy. Because of this cluster functions like Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) doesn’t work. My post shows a solution for this problem.

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Alarm after SDRS recommendation is automatically applied

When you operate a vSphere storage cluster, you will know you can set the automation level of Storage DRS automation to No Automation (Manual Mode) or Fully Automated. When set to automatic, the cluster applies recommendations automatically. When set to manual, recommendations can be applied manually. By default a alarm (name: Storage DRS recommendation) on cluster level pops up when a recommendation arises. As you can […]

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Script to check if VMs part of DRS-Groups

Recently I needed to check, if every VM of a cluster is part of at least one DRS-VM-Group. Typically this is a useful check if you operate a two (or more) site datacenter and/or stretched cluster. You then create DRS-groups for VMs and hosts. For each site a host- and at least a VM-group. At creation time of groups, every VM will be added to […]

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