[VMware Labs] Onyx for Web Client

If you don’t know Onyx, it is a Plugin to vCenter that can show you PowerShell commands of tasks you do using the GUI. Up to now Onyx was just available to vSphere C# Client. Now it can be used for Web client too! Installation Download Onyx from here and extract it Start a PowerShell console and go to extracted file directory If neccesary change Execution […]

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[VMware Labs] VisualESXtop

This is the first post of a new series of useful tools you can find at VMware Labs. VisualEsxtop is a graphical interface that can show data of an ESXi Host like esxtop. You can use it in Windows and Linux OS. Installation: Download the software here and unzip it. Add java path (for windows it´s probably like C:\Program Files\VMware\jre\bin)  to %path% respectively $path. run vtop.bat respectively vtop.sh. Click File and Connect […]

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