[VMware Labs] VisualESXtop

This is the first post of a new series of useful tools you can find at VMware Labs.

VisualEsxtop is a graphical interface that can show data of an ESXi Host like esxtop. You can use it in Windows and Linux OS.

  • Download the software here and unzip it.
  • Add java path (for windows it´s probably like C:\Program Files\VMware\jre\bin)  to %path% respectively $path.
  • run vtop.bat respectively vtop.sh.
  • Click File and Connect to Live Server to logon to an ESX Host.
  • Look at esxtop data without connecting ssh console.
  • You can also show charts not just digits.
  • Exporting data is just a mouse-click.
  • You can show more hosts within on instance of visualESXtop.
  • In current version VMware adds support to vSphere 5.5. At a first glance it also works with 6.0.

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