VSAN configuration minima and maxima

Status at 2014.04

  • Disk groups [MIN]: 1 per host; [MAX]: 5 per host
  • Flash devices (SAS, SATA, PCIe SSD): 1 per disk group
  • Magnetic disk devices [MIN]: 1 HDD per disk group [MAX]: 7 HDDs per disk group
  • Disk formatting overhead:  750 MB per HDD
  • Nodes in cluster [MIN]: 3 hosts; [MAX]: 32 nodes
  • VMs on VSAN [MAX]: 3200 VMs
  • Components (objects (vmdk, swap, config, snapshot) consist of components) per Host [MAX]: 3000
  • Memory and CPU overhead [MAX]: 10%
  • Amount of memory to support max. configuration of a host [MIN]: 32GB
  • Nodes to allow FTT [MIN]: (2n+1) nodes
  • Copies of an object to allow FTT [MIN]: (n+1) copies

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