Query events in View-event database

Query events in View-event database

Quite a simple task, but good to know. When you try to query events in VMware View Administration GUI, View just look ups the latest 2000 rows to build the result. So when you want to look at errors, ten days old, and query within the last month, your chances are good to not get what you want. The result stops after a few days. But the data is there, you use just the wrong tool to find it.

To do this, you can use a SQL query editor to write you own query like:

SELECT EventType, Time, Source, Severity, ModuleAndEventText, UserDisplayName, DesktopId, DesktopDisplayName
FROM dbo.viewuser_events
WHERE Time >= '2014-09-01T13:30:00.000'
AND Time <= '2014-09-01T23:30:00.000'

Furthermore you can query the view (SQL object) viewconfig_changes to find configuration changes.

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  1. Joe says:

    Thanks. This is exactly what I needed. The View 6 slightly change the table name to “dbo.VE_user_events”, but this query is what I needed. We had used the VMware fling “Horizon View Events Database Export Utility”, but it’s seems to be broken now.

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