VMworld2014 |14.10.| [MGT1431] Global vCenter Operations – One Place to Operate them All

This session includes the standard-disclaimer! So this is information about future features, so there is no guarantee, they will be as described!


vRealize – new naming

  • New name: vRealize, instead of vCenter
    • vRealize Operations Management Suite, …

News in vCenter Operations Manager 6

  • NEW: scale out architecture
  • different node types
    • master node
      only one; keep users, inventory service
    • data node
      UI access, can be replicated
    • remote collector
      can collect data from more than one vCenter
    • optional: master replica
  • all nodes uses the same code, just configured with different roles
  • a one-node-installation is also possible
  • options to deploy: vApp, Linux-, or Windows-Installation
    • but you can’t mix it within a deployment
  • HA feature
    • using replicated data nodes
  • there will be a rebalance-feature, so you can rebalance data after adding a new data node
  • UI of vCenter and vCOPs get merged
  • Solutions can be added (sounds like you do it today with Horizon View)
    • pre-built dashbord, alerts, reports, problem definition
    • added via Management Pack available from VMware Solution Exchange
  • Upgrade from 5.x
    • install version 6 and migrate data
  • Sizing vRealize Operations Manager depends on such a lot of criteria, so it will beĀ hard to predict
  • set threshold to monitor disk space used by vCOPs

Adobe is talking about there installationĀ 

  • standardize -> automate
  • uses app. 42 vCenters reporting to a vCOPs
  • issues with 5.x
    • scale up is limited
    • scaling up is dependent on IOs
    • difficulties to handle multitenant environment
    • no HA feature
    • to get alerts to other system, you need to use vCO
    • just one collector
  • new outbound alert settings – to get the right alert to the right people


  • there is the plan to combine vCOPs for View and vCOPs into one solution, but not in this version …

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