VMworld2014 |14.10.| [MGT2525] Chasing the White Rabbit …

Think automation as a pyramid

Top: scripts
Middle: Orchestration
Bottom: Policies

vRealize Automation (vRA)

  • Automation Tech.: policy bases, built-in
  • good for
    • self-service
    • service lifecycle management

vRealize Orchestrator (vRO)

  • Automation Tech.: Workflow

Autmation tipps:

  • measure
    • what did you want to get, what did you get
  • you should automate with standardization
  • simplify
    • don’t try to automate something that is not to automate … or to expensive to
  • build your automation recursively
  • test a lot!
  • Document
    • vRO can to this very well

Case Study

  • examples out of this:
    • uses vRA to add disks to VM and uses vRO to format these disks. Both within the create process of the VM

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