Errors when trying to upload/download files to/from ESXi host

A nice feature of vSphere C# and Web-Client is the ability to upload and download files or folder to or from a ESXi host. In normal circumstances these operations are no problem. When you use your clients to connect to many different environments of different customers, you can get these errors:

  • C# Client – When the operation should start, a error pops up:
    Failed to log into NFC server
  • Web Client – (sounds even more dramatically) Instead of the starting operation you get an application error:
    fileTransfer.exe has stopped working
    You can close the app or let windows search for a solution (which does not work either)

Fortunately the solution is quite simple! Name resolution is the key! Use the right DNS-server or use you hosts-file to give you computer the change to resolve hostnames to ip addresses.

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