Stuff about vCloud Automation Center [6.0] (3/5)


  • A really powerful framework to control workflow using built-in and self created custom properties.
  • Custom properties are case sensitive!
  • Use custom properties to customize machine through these stages
    • Request
    • Provisioning
    • Manage
    • Retire
  • You should create an own namespace for properties to avoid conflicts with built-in properties.
  • VMware provides Custom Property Reference Guides at:
  • Built-in properties are executed automatically. For example VMware.VirtualCenter.Folder puts the vSphere VM into the defined folder during a clone action.
  • Property can by encrypted.
  • A user can be prompted to enter a value during request process
  • Values are not check by system so there should be a workflow that validates the entered values.
  • Properties and their values can be used to:
    • Customize OS (sysprep, …)
    • Provide additional build information
    • Define disk provisioning (thin, thick)
    • Auditing and reporting information (e.g. machine ID)
    • Integrate a machine with systems like HP SIM, …
    • A vCO workflow can use, create and set such properties
  • Custom properties can be defined for these objects
    1. Business groups
    2. Blueprints
    3. Build profiles
    4. Endpoints
    5. Reservations
    6. Compute resources
    7. Storage

(This is also the override-order when the same properties are defined on different levels of vCAC)



  • Pre Approval: must be approved before deployment starts.
  • Post Approval: deployment starts, but the user gets the created objects after the approval.
  • Approval policy can’t be changed. You can copy the policy and apply it.
  • Notification can be sent by mail.


Available options are:

  • vCloud Automation Center Designer [deprecated]
  • vCenter Orchestrator
  • Advanced Services Desinger (XaaS)
  • Development Toolkit (Cloud Development Kit is needed)

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