vCenter warning during guest quiescing for snapshots

vCenter warning during guest quiescing for snapshots

In an environment I saw this error when backup creates VMware snapshots of three VMs:

Warning message on VM on host in datacenter. The guest OS has reported an error during quiescing. The error code was: 5. The error message was: 'VssSyncStart' operation failed. IDispatch error #8723 (0x80042413)

Facts about the environment:

  • Versions:
    • ESXi version: 6.7.0, 13981272.
    • Guest: Windows Server 2019.
    • VMware tools: 10346 (10.3.10).
  • Found nothing unique to these VMs. There was VMs without errors with same software installed.
  • VMs were newly created and installed.

Corresponding VMware KB article is easy to find. But there is no solution to this issue. After creating a ticket for further information, I get information from VMware support that VMware tools version 11 will solve the problem. But no information about availability of this version.

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