VCSA 6.7 U3 sends no log data to syslog server

VCSA 6.7 U3 sends no log data to syslog server

Recently a customer noticed that all his vCenter Server Appliances (VCSA) running 6.7 U3 ( respectively 6.7 build 14368073) do not send any data to syslog server any more. Rebooting VCSA or restarting service gets the system to send data again – for a few minutes. Changing syslog-settings in Appliance Management (VAMI, Port 5480) also brings VCSA to send logs for a few minutes. VMware […]

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set syslog settings

# Conncect to vCenter Server/Host Connect-VIServer -Server a.b.c.d -user username -password password Get-VMHostAdvancedConfiguration -name Syslog.Remote.Hostname -VMhost fqdn Set-VMHostAdvancedConfiguration -name Syslog.Remote.Hostname IP-ADRESSE -VMhost fqdn # show syslog settings Get-VMHost ESXHostnameOrIP | Get-VMHostSysLogServer # set syslog settings Get-VMHost ESXHostnameOrIP | Set-VMHostSysLogServer -SysLogServer SyslogHostnameOrIP -SysLogServerPort PortNumber # for hosts added by Connect-VIServer Get-VMHost | Set-VMHostSysLogServer -SysLogServer  a.b.c.d -SysLogServerPort 514

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