VCSA 6.7 U3 sends no log data to syslog server

VCSA 6.7 U3 sends no log data to syslog server

Recently a customer noticed that all his vCenter Server Appliances (VCSA) running 6.7 U3 ( respectively 6.7 build 14368073) do not send any data to syslog server any more. Rebooting VCSA or restarting service gets the system to send data again – for a few minutes. Changing syslog-settings in Appliance Management (VAMI, Port 5480) also brings VCSA to send logs for a few minutes.

VMware support know this issue already: rsyslogd is causing the problem. It will be fixed in 6.7 U3 P01. These days VMware release vCenter 6.7 U3a ( This version did not fix this issue. Hope, P01 is coming soon.

[Update] This issue could be resolved in U3g. In release notes, it is not mentioned.

6 responses to “VCSA 6.7 U3 sends no log data to syslog server”

  1. Preetam says:

    Is this fixed? do you know in the latest version.

  2. woifgaung says:

    Problem version of rsyslog seems to be: 8.37.0-2, which is running in U3a and U3b. U3c I did not test up to now.
    To check your version, run this command in VCSA shell:
    rpm -qa | grep -i syslog

  3. woifgaung says:

    According to VMware support, rsyslog version 8.1907.0-1 should be the solution.

  4. Tim says:

    FYI – this is fixed in U3G. just updated our DEV environment. RPM package version is ; rsyslog-8.1910.0-2.ph1.x86_64

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