Internal Error during migration to VCSA 6.5

Internal Error during migration to VCSA 6.5

During the migration wizard I got an error, I couldn’t find anything. So when you have the same problem, hopefully here is the solution. To read more about vCenter migration see here.

The error was:

Internal error occurred during vCenter database export

It pups up when the wizard tries to export SQL database data. Another indication that something is wrong was that the three option to select what data should be migrated (“configuration”, “configuration, tasks and events”, “configuration, tasks and events, performance data”), all three options show the same size (about 2,6 GB) – which was rather small.

The permission of the database user was the problem. The database user can be found in the system Data Source (DSN) of the windows server. Check the permissions in SQL Management Studio. Because this was a migration, I assigned db_owner permissions to the user to the database and everything works fine. To do a clean migration you should start over because the wizard uses the table sizes to estimate the deployment size – in stage 1: deployment of VCSA.


When you want to update vCSA within version 6.5 read here how to update to preferred version.

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